Magna Carta

June 15th, the anniversary of the Magna Carta (or Magna Charta) in 1215.

"Abuses by King John caused a revolt by nobles who compelled him to execute this recognition of rights for both noblemen and ordinary Englishmen. It established the principle that no one, including the king or a lawmaker, is above the law."

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2015: Magna Carta for today:
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The rule of law simply stated is: the law is king. All are subject to the laws of the land, both king and commoner, both government officials and citizens, and that law is equitable to all...

God’s law was the standard by which the rule of law was established for Western Civilization. His law was viewed as the “higher law” to which all men and all governments of men were accountable. The rule of law is a Western Civilization phenomenon fueled by Christianity.

("The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates: A Proper Resistance to Tyranny and a Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government"
by Matthew J. Trewhella
emphasis added

Magna Carta for today:

2015 Marks 800 year aniversary of the Magna Carta ROSKAM: 800 YEARS LATER, WE HONOR MAGNA CARTA

Lex Rex, Law is King!

More References:

"Magdeburg Confession: 13th of April 1550 AD" by Pastors of Magdeburg

Published June 2015