"The blood of the martyrs is the seed [of the Church]."
Tertullian, "Apologeticum ch. 50, 13" (2)

Tertullian lived in the ancient city of Carthage in what is now Tunisia, sometime around 200AD...

He was born a member of the educated classes, and clearly gained a good education. Life in his times wasn't very different in some ways to the modern day - he indulged his passions as he saw fit, including sex, and like everyone else attended the games where gladiators killed each other and criminals were eaten alive, for the enjoyment of the spectators.

But among the sights he saw, was that of Christians being executed this way. He was struck with the courage with which stupid and contemptible slave men and little slave girls faced a hideous death, against all nature; and after investigating, became a Christian himself, and turned his budding talents to writing in defense of this despised and victimised group.

Tertullian was the first Christian writer to write in Latin 5, and was described three centuries later as writing 'first, and best, and incomparably', of all the writers to do so. (1)


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