John Dickinson on the Bible

John Dickinson signed the United States Constitution and wrote the first draft of the Articles of Confederation in 1776. His writing was a significant part of the revolutionary movement, and some have called him "The Penman" of the Revolution. When he argued for the private ownership of property, he appealed to the authority of the Bible:

… a communication of her [America’s] rights in general, and particularly of that great one, the foundation of all the rest-that their property, acquired with so much pain and hazard, should be disposed of by none but themselves or to use the beautiful and emphatic language of the sacred Scriptures, “that they should sit every man under his vine, and under his fig tree, and none should make them afraid…" (Micah 4:4)

("The Bible in America: What We Believe About the Most Important Book in Our History" Second Edition/ Steve Green and Todd Hillard Emphasis added)