Helen Keller on the Bible

Helen Keller is one of America’s most beloved and unique personalities and was chosen by Time magazine as one of the most influential people of the twentieth century. Unable to see or hear, her life was a black, silent void until her faithful tutor finally helped her connect with the outside world through touch. She went on to live a life of legendary optimism. She deeply appreciated having a Bible she could “read.” It was over six feet tall and was printed in the raised letters of Braille. Her poignant letter of gratitude was printed in the New York Times (February 9,1902). She once wrote:

Unless we form the habit of going to the Bible in bright moments as well as in trouble, we cannot fully respond to its consolations because we lack equilibrium between light and darkness.

("The Bible in America: What We Believe About the Most Important Book in Our History" Second Edition/ Steve Green and Todd Hillard
www.museumofthebible.org Emphasis added)