Socialism vs Communism vs Liberty (Republican Democracy)

"ADOLF HITLER’S POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY [National Socialism] HAS BEEN SUMMED up to say: 'Society’s needs come before the individual’s needs.' History, of course, tells us how that way of thinking worked out..." (1)

"Communism stresses the importance of the political party over the person. In fact, under Joseph Stalin’s collectivization efforts in the Soviet Union during the early 1900s, peasant farmers were forced, for the benefit of the state, to give up their land and animals in order to become part of collective farms. This resulted in the starvation and death of many millions of innocent people" (1)

On the contrary...

"the biblical worldview holds that people matter supremely because they matter to God. Genesis 1:26–27 makes it clear that human beings are uniquely created in the image of God. We therefore have intrinsic value beyond that of any of the other creatures on earth, and this value is not contingent on our abilities, quality of life, or perceived worth in society..." (1)

"people who are influenced by the biblical worldview who strive to protect the unborn, fight for the rights of the oppressed, and work to feed, clothe, and lift up those in poverty. These are practical outworkings of the teachings of Jesus, who said in Matthew 25:40, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'.." (1)

"You matter to God, as does every person you know—and those you don’t know. Whom might God want you to protect, encourage, or love in his name today?" (1)

America is governed by Natural Law, not All Powerful Governments, Political Parties, or Dictators...

"The Constitution recognizes the existence of natural law. In the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson referred to 'the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.' Natural law recognizes the existence of God and acknowledges that God established a natural order of things for this earth and the people of this earth..." (2)

"The Constitution acknowledges that the people are the true sovereigns in a republican government. The Founders rejected the notion that a king has a 'divine right' to rule. Under natural law, no man has a right to rule over another, unless the subject gives their consent..." (2)

"'The power under the Constitution will always be in the people,' he wrote. And what better way to show the people that he was serious than through his own actions. Washington would not be king. He would not abuse the people’s trust. And certainly he would not overstay his welcome. The presidency demanded virtuous men. God and law would take care of the rest." (2)

Communism in Cuba

"Writing in the Washington Post, Yale historian Carlos Eire commented:

I am furious, in pain, and deeply offended by those who laud this betrayal of the Cuban people as a great moment in history. My family and native land were destroyed by the brutal Castro regime. In 1959, as an 8-year old, I listened to mobs shout ‘paredon!’ (to the firing squad!) I watched televised executions, and was terrified by the incessant pressure to agree with a bearded dictator’s ideals.

As the months passed, relatives, friends and neighbors began to disappear. Some of them emerged from prison with detailed accounts of the tortures they endured, but many never reappeared, their lives cut short by firing squads.

I also witnessed the government’s seizure of all private property—down to the ring on one’s finger—and the collapse of my country’s economy. I began to feel as if some monstrous force was trying to steal my mind and soul through incessant indoctrination.

Eire escaped the regime when he was eleven, one of the lucky 14,000 children able to get out through Operation Pedro Pan. Some were joined by their parents later, but many were not. 'Although my mother did manage to escape three years later,' writes Eire, 'my father remained stuck for the rest of his life. When he died, fourteen years after my departure, the Castro regime prevented me from attending his funeral.'" (3)

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