Discipleship: Scripture Story and Life Story Application

"The Bible is God's story, his declaration of the way the world really is. The Bible is not an exhaustive history of the world, but it narrates, in a progressive way over time, the story of God's actions and what they mean for the people of God."

"Craig Bartholomew and Michael Goheen helpfully structure the biblical narrative as a six-act play:"

Act 1. God establishes his kingdom: Creation
Act 2. Rebellion in the kingdom: Fall
Act 3. The King chooses Israel: Redemption initiated
Act 4. The coming of the King: Redemption accomplished
Act 5. Spreading the news of the King: The mission of the church
Act 6. The return of the King: Redemption completed

"... the Bible is a story that provokes action! It not only informs: it also transforms our lives...

By the mercy of God, this story, the Word, became ours when we were united by faith to our crucified Savior. It's his story and it's our story by virtue of being his!"

"... four basic worldview questions:"

1. Where are we? That is, what is the nature of the world in which we live?
2. Who are we? Or, what is the essential nature of human beings?
3. What's wrong? Why is the world (and my life!) in such a mess?
4. What's the remedy? How can these problems be solved?

The problem of identity:
Saint: our identity in Christ

The problem of evil:
Sufferer: sin without
Sinner: sin within

Scripture in ministry

  1. Provides a lens through which to view any issue.
  2. Move from...
    "life to text": pastoral needs and what passages may address those needs.
    "text to life": equivalent to expository preaching
  3. Major on scriptural connections (larger context) rather than isolated phrases
  4. All scripture is linked to Jesus and His redemptive work