Happy New Year! Now, let's get to work!

Limited government works when the citizens are self-governing. "Only a virtuous people," declared Benjamin Franklin, "are capable of freedom." (1)

"Grassroots" is a term meaning to start from the ground up. Subsidiarity is a technical term for efforts to keep governance as local as possible. Starting with self-governance, family governance, church, neighborhood... on up to city, state, and so on. (2)

If we want to see changes at higher levels of government, we need to start with ourselves and be the change in our homes, workplaces, communities. Then, when it is our season, we can accept the duty to participate in our city, state, and higher levels of government. We need to get involved.

I want to challenge personal involvement in changing Illinois for the better.

Let's pray for numerous volunteers to join The Constitution Party of Illinois and it's Candidates, in whatever capacity they are able, to make a difference in neighborhoods, cities, and the state.

Let's pray:

That many would choose to get involved in the the party and campaigns as volunteers
That many would be moved to financially support the party.
That many would reach out locally with the messages of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the party platform.

Heavenly Father,
We pray that in humility and kindness we can work for freedom and justice. Raise up supporters and volunteers.

In Jesus Christ's name I pray. Amen.

An Appeal to Heaven!
Mick Dobra, Chaplain
Originally posted January 2017


1. "If you can keep it: the forgotten promise of American liberty" 2016, Viking, Eric Metaxas amzn.to/2i95OVk

2. Subsidiarity cybermick.com/familyblog/node/182