April: Holocaust and Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

How depraved and evil humanity becomes when they have turned away from God and He has hardened their hearts. (Romans 1:18-32)

Israelis pause for two minutes silence at 10 a.m. in memory of the six million Jews who perished in the Nazi Holocaust.

[Sunday, April 23, 2017] Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that the lesson of the Holocaust “is that we must be able to defend ourselves, by ourselves…Those who plan to annihilate us, place themselves in danger of annihilation.” He went on to say: “Just as anti-Semitism will not disappear in the foreseeable future, so too has the apathy of the world to barbarity against others not fundamentally changed. Netabyahu mentioned Syria in this regard. “Israel is not apathetic to what is going on just beyond its border. We have established a field hospital right at the border, with Israeli doctors – Jews, Druze, Arabs. In that hospital, and others, Israel has treated thousands of Syrian injured, including many children who were harmed in that cruel war.”
(DEBKAfile "Israel commemorates the six million victims of the Nazi Holocaust" www.debka.com/newsupdatepopup/20429/Israel-commemorates-the-six-million-victims-of-the-Nazi-Holocaust emphasis added)

Remembrance Day of the 1915 Armenian Genocide, where Ottoman (Turkey) Muslims slaughtered 1.5 million of their Christian neighbors, intellectuals, and community leaders. The Ottoman government proceeded with multiple phases to round up men in mass executions and drive women and children into the desert on death marches. They also led the general Muslim populace to participate in brutal periodic massacres within their communities, signaled with the blow of a bugle. It is one of the first modern genocides and serves as a warning for us today. Sarah Latimer, decades ago, spent most of a day on a flight speaking one-on-one with an elderly woman, who told of her account as a child escaping this horror and of her faith in God, which her family would not renounce and for which most died. She lost most of her family, including her father, because they would not renounce their faith. This woman had a great impact on Sarah. There are chilling accounts contained in Islam scholar Andrew Bostom’s book, The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War And the Fate of Non-Muslims
(Survival Blog survivalblog.com/notes-for-monday-april-24-2017 emphasis added)