Liberty: The Higher Law and Moral Framework of Liberty

Samuel Adams taught that people will not give up liberties or be subdued if they have knowledge and virtue. But if they are ignorant and immoral (un-virtuous), they will be defeated without foreign invaders. Krisanne Hall says "with knowledge there is power." (1)

What informed the founders that they would be willing to give their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to fight for liberty?
They had knowledge! (2)

They read, studied, and understood:
1. The Scriptures
2. Great works on law and government, like:
- - "The Mayflower Compact" (read The Mayflower Compact)
- - "Holy Commonwealth", by Richard Baxter
- - "Treatise on Government" by John Locke (John Locke on the Bible)
- - "Laws of Polity" by Richard Hooker
- - "Lex Rex" by Samuel Rutherford (Justice: Law is King - Lex Rex)

Do you want your parents to have knowledge to stand and fight for your liberty and freedom?

Will you stand and fight for liberty and freedom????

If so, then STUDY! Study to gain knowledge, to know God, to know His law and grace (virtue), and to know when government is over stepping and violating the liberties of natural law.

1. Krisanne Hall, Libery First, Tools In Defense Of Liberty [video]

2. The Lost Secrets of Liberty [video]