Security: Gear. Militia/Minute men gear that every citizen needs

* Oath Keepers Disaster Response Security Operations Requirements


() Handgun in secure, quality holster.
() 2 spare magazines in secure mag pouches on the belt.
Be prepared to carry either open carry or concealed.

() Long gun, if you have one.
Either a rifle or shotgun, or both if have both. If you have a shotgun, please bring it!
() All long guns must have a flashlight attached. If you don’t have a dedicated light attached to your long gun, bring it anyway, along with a flashlight, and we will find a way to attach it.
() For semi-auto rifles, bring at least seven mags in appropriate magazine pouches and carry system (i.e. chest rig or battle belt).

() IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit).
Must contain tourniquet, combat gauze, pressure bandage, cellox, etc to stop bleeding.

() Hand-held flashlight. You must have a separate flashlight to use in your hand. The area of operation is dark, with less than 25% of the homes having power. You cannot use your weapon light as a flashlight. It is a weapon with a flashlight on it, to aid in actually shooting. It is NOT a flashlight with a weapon attached. That is why you need a separate hand held flashlight to use to see.

() Non-lethal methods – pepper spray, baton, tasers, etc. (if you have them, bring them, especially pepper spray)

() Rain gear. Be prepared to work in all weather.

() Sleeping cot/air mattress, and tarp and/or tent, and sleeping bag. Be prepared to sleep in your vehicle or in a parking lot, or in an open field.
You may have access to showers and restrooms, but we will be camping outside. Be flexible. Cots are highly recommended.

() Radios: If you have FRS or Ham radios, bring them. Bring spare batteries. If you have spare radios, bring them.

() Whistles. Used for signaling/communications.

() Hydration system or canteens. Be prepared to keep yourself hydrated. We have water filters. Just need containers.

() Eye protection. And tactical ear protection, i.e. Peltors, if you have them.

() Plate carriers and rifle plates if you have them. Recommended.

() Soft body armor if you have it.

() Binoculars, spotting scopes, night vision, or FLIR (thermal) if you have them. Please bring them!

() Spot lights, and/or flood lights (hand-held spot lights that plug into cigaret lighter, or contractor flood lights on stands).

() Fire-extinguishers

Anything else you need to sustain yourself outdoors at night.


Bring chain saws, hand saws, axes, etc. to clear downed trees and brush.

Demolition tools, such as sledge hammers, shovels, picks, etc.


Anti-mold fluid, bleach, etc (anything for mold clean up and mitigation)

Rubber gloves, face masks, respirators, Tyvex suits, etc.

Bristle brooms, rakes, mops, and other clean up tools and articles

If you can donate any such tools, please bring them.