Gun Control! Oppose firearm registration (SB1413) - Act Today!

Illinois Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins has introduced a Senate Bill (SB1413) to require registration of firearms.

History has shown how dangerous this is, and obviously what a violation of the U.S. Constitution! I've attached a letter that I have sent. Please use this sample or draft your own letter, email, or phone call to your state Senator (, Representative (, and our Governor ( today!

My letter here

Molon Labe!

As an alternative...

Senator Collins could consider the root of the problem and come up with incentives for young men to actually fulfill their duties of provider and leader of the children they sire. Find ways to stop unwed childbirth and fatherless homes. This, I believe, would have a greater impact on crime and violence in our state. Maybe extend "dead beat dad" laws to those that father children and have never married or attempted to fulfill their duties to provide and instruct their children. (


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