Resistance: The story of Daniel: a man defying "state indoctrination."

The story of Daniel is about a man defying "state indoctrination." What we are supposed to do according to scripture, in the forced situation of government indoctrination is clear:
Do Not Compromise Your Faith!

Read more: The Story of Liberty

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2014 Season

JFL Squirts

Front Line Workers

Our family adopted a front line worker to pray for this week.

For one year we are praying for a front line worker in an African nation. We are keeping his name and location private to keep him safe. Needless to say, he is sharing the Gospel in a nation where it is VERY dangerous to do so.

Please, as the world learns about what Islamic State is doing to christians in Iraq (1, 2, 3), and Boko Haram in Nigeria (4, 5, 6), please support a front line worker with prayer!

Captain Henry Felder

I first learned about Captain Henry Felder and his part in the war for liberty against tyranny from the movie "All for Liberty" available on Amazon Prime and other locations.

Wing Chung

Sigung Clear's introductory lessons on Wing Chun

I was able to participate in a seminar with Sigung Clear at the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Indianapolis when Sifu Parker was inducted. I enjoy is masterful teaching and share links to his recent teaching series on Wing Chung for my personal reference.

All lessons are here:

Ava - Good Morning - 07-13-2014

I was away on business and Jessica sent me this good morning email of Ava...


"The English word "catechize" simply means to teach biblical truth in an orderly way. In his introduction to The Baptist Catechism, John Piper explains the biblical support for a pattern of doctrine: there is a "pattern of teaching" (Romans 6:17), a "pattern of sound words" (2 Timothy 1:13). " (1)


1. "Five Reasons Why Catechisms Are Important"


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