Security: Gear. Militia/Minute men gear that every citizen needs

* Oath Keepers Disaster Response Security Operations Requirements


() Handgun in secure, quality holster.
() 2 spare magazines in secure mag pouches on the belt.
Be prepared to carry either open carry or concealed.

Security: Active shooter prevention and rapid response

Active shooter prevention and rapid response

1. Fight/Shoot and neutralize the threat
2. Triage/Treat the injured

An example from Dr. Kent Ingle from Southeastern University in central Florida.
Excerpt from Wallbuilders Live, "Security: Florida Sheriff Arms Local Teachers and Protects Students”
Visit for full podcast and interview. Visited 2018-03-07

the sentinel program

"Basically what the program is is it authorizes highly trained– and I have to emphasize this– it’s highly trained faculty and staff to carry concealed firearms for the sole purpose of engaging– and only engaging– an active shooter that would walk on our campus.”

132 hours of training (more than most law enforcement officers!). That sounds like a “well regulated militia” to me.

Molon Labe: Come and Take Them

Government Overlords or Daesh (ISIS) Terrorists... Come and Take Them!

Security: SOLI is consulting and training Iraqi Christians to fight ISIS

Bravo Zulu to Matthew VanDyke!

Are we ready at home to defend our families and communities and fulfill our duties as able bodied militiamen? Are we willing to support those in need?
Update: ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas (2)

See below to learn more...

SOLI needs our support:

"SOLI provides free security consulting and training services to vulnerable populations to enable them to defend themselves against terrorist and insurgent groups. The dedicated staff, volunteers, and funders of SOLI believe that all people have the right to self-defense and liberty regardless of their financial circumstances, and they strive to create a world in which the innocent are protected.
Recognizing the failure of the international community and governments to adequately protect the defenseless and support those struggling for freedom around the world, SOLI founder Matthew VanDyke realized the need for rapid on-the-ground action to help those whom the international system had failed.
Sons of Liberty International (SOLI)
underlines mine

2015 03 Oathkepers in Ferguson MO Interview

While in Missouri I had the opportunity to interview the man who was in charge of all the Oathkeepers that we saw in pictures standing on the building tops defending the private business and the people of Ferguson. I was shocked and moved to tears by what I learned.

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