Resistance: Gun Control, Civil Disobedience, is it time? Jan 5 2016

From RFR News on Facebook, 1/5/2016
"Here are my two proposals. First of all, if Obama goes through with an executive order and circumvents our elected representatives, then his Secret Service detail should be defunded. I mean, if it’s all about gun violence, then no guns should be used to shield him. This is the exact same response the Virginia legislative body has proposed for Attorney General Herring’s unilateral declaration not to recognize the reciprocal concealed carry of twenty-five states.

Resistance: When is the time? Be Prepared.

Radio Free Redoubt: "EPISODE 15-35 ISOLATED PATRIOTS AND THE MISSION AHEAD" Excellent episode!

Husbands and wives, families, listen together!

I'll paraphrase the conversation at 1 hour 6 minutes in here, but please listen to the whole episode.

Be prepared for what's to come.

But, "a prepared lifestyle is living in fear."

Resistance: Video lessons on preparing for resistance

Preparing for the resistance to the totalitarian government to come.

Resistance – 4 Videos

The following four videos are by the Maine Prepper and the Patriot Nurse, and deal with four aspects of resistance. Having seen all four, I encourage you to watch them. They raise some interesting points.

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