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Linux Workstation and Server Security Check List - link

Linux workstation security checklist

This is a set of recommendations used by the Linux Foundation for their systems administrators. All of LF employees are remote workers and we use this set of guidelines to ensure that a sysadmin's system passes core security requirements in order to reduce the risk of it becoming an attack vector against the rest of our infrastructure.

Fox-1A AO-85 Radio Amateur Satellite

Your Receive Frequency: 145.980 MHz

Peoria, IL
Enter Decimal Latitude: 40.703545
Enter Decimal Longitude: 89.579086
Elevation (Metres): 155

The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation - AMSAT www.amsat.org

Dirt Cheap Concealable High-Gain Indoor 2-Meter Ham Antenna Project For Beginners [Link]

Covert Communications Networks

Lessons from Cartel Communications Networks

Insofar as creating a practical application for a local group of citizens starting up their own self-contained communication network, the notes should be taken into consideration:

Total Resistance

Rt = total Resistance
Ri = Resistor resistance in Ohms
N = number of equal valued resistors

Total Resistance for resistors in series
Rt = R1 + R2 + R3 ...

Total Resistance for resistors in parallel
Rt = Ri / N

2015 09 A Network Analysis of a Web Server Compromise - SANS Reading Room link

Safety Ground

Neutral — white or gray — connected to Earth ground at the service panel.

Hot — usually black or red — any wire that carries voltage relative to neutral.

Ground — green or bare — connected to Earth ground, and to the third prong of a 3-prong cord.


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