Information Security Threat Detection: Applying SPACE Analysis

** work in progress **

Whether on the threat hunting team, or the monitoring and detection team, the SPACE opsec analysis tool may help. Let's see how it can apply to Information Security.

SPACE is an acronym that every good analyst should use, especially where it concerns community security. Its roots are in our operational security (OPSEC) manual, and when the adversary doesn’t care enough to implement SPACE into his security considerations, it’s our job as collectors and analyzers of information to exploit their mistakes. (1)

On the CSIRT team we are collectors and analyzers of information regarding our information systems and we need to look for, exploit, the mistakes of our adversary.

Web Security Settings

Mac OS X Security Configuration Guides

Linux Workstation and Server Security Check List - link

Linux workstation security checklist

This is a set of recommendations used by the Linux Foundation for their systems administrators. All of LF employees are remote workers and we use this set of guidelines to ensure that a sysadmin's system passes core security requirements in order to reduce the risk of it becoming an attack vector against the rest of our infrastructure.

Fox-1A AO-85 Radio Amateur Satellite

Your Receive Frequency: 145.980 MHz

Peoria, IL
Enter Decimal Latitude: 40.703545
Enter Decimal Longitude: 89.579086
Elevation (Metres): 155

The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation - AMSAT

Dirt Cheap Concealable High-Gain Indoor 2-Meter Ham Antenna Project For Beginners [Link]

Covert Communications Networks

Lessons from Cartel Communications Networks

Insofar as creating a practical application for a local group of citizens starting up their own self-contained communication network, the notes should be taken into consideration:

Total Resistance

Rt = total Resistance
Ri = Resistor resistance in Ohms
N = number of equal valued resistors

Total Resistance for resistors in series
Rt = R1 + R2 + R3 ...

Total Resistance for resistors in parallel
Rt = Ri / N

2015 09 A Network Analysis of a Web Server Compromise - SANS Reading Room link

Safety Ground

Neutral — white or gray — connected to Earth ground at the service panel.

Hot — usually black or red — any wire that carries voltage relative to neutral.

Ground — green or bare — connected to Earth ground, and to the third prong of a 3-prong cord.


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