Arizona 2014 -Yuma

Big Iron, Big Data, Big Tech!
I'm here for an enterprise class upgrade

Should be interesting with the orchestrated humanitarian nightmare going on at the border! More below, including pictures from the trip...

I've added a lot of pictures, please be patient...

Invisibility Internet Project (i2p)

Invisibility Internet Project (i2p)

Started configuring and playing with my ip2 router tonight on one of my Ubuntu workstations.
administrator@UbuntuUSB1:~$ i2prouter start


AmRD - American Redoubt Darknet

Links and references for the AmRD, or American Redoubt Darknet.

“darknet” or private, more secure and highly anonymous network services (chat, email, file sharing)
Online Camouflage for Liberty Operators
- The Bard of the American Redoubt

Tor Browser Bundle (TBB)


Book Content Import and Export

Parking links for future project. June 2014

Book Import/Export

The Book Import module allows the importing of Drupal books, from exported Drupal book XML files. Being able to export books in this way permits bulk/offline editing, importing of books from external content, and moving of books between Drupal sites.

Deploying OpenStack

Forms API

Doing some forms development in Drupal. I'm compiling some notes here.

If this is a topic of interest check back once in a while, I'll be adding notes and updates as a go through this particular project.

Development Goals: capture some data from A, pass to B for approval, pass approval to A and C or rejection to A. Confirm the workflow history.

Drupal modules use associative arrays and the form engine generates the HTML. Forms are processed in three phases: validation, submission, and redirection.



Oracle Basics

Database = the data itself
DBMS (database management system) = the software that manages the data

Types of database
flat file:
hierarchical: tree like
network: hierarchical tree with parent child (ldap)
relational: data represented as relations (like Oracle)
object: stored as real world entities (ie people)
object relational: mix of relational and object (Oracle can be used this way)
NoSQL: key value pairs, document storage

open source relational DBMS from Oracle
sql based

Performance Tuning

Configure: Minimum Cache Lifetime, Expiration of Cached pages, and Bandwidth optimization.

Optimize CSS and javascript files.

Check Watchdog logs for PHP notices, warnings, and errors.

Check available patch status and update as needed.


Warrior Dash 2014

Pictures from the 2014 Warrior Dash


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